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Almost Awakened: 014: Overcoming our Bigotry and Prejudice

Today we take on the topic of overcoming our Bigotry and Prejudice. We all grow up with stories handed to us about others. Often those stories not only fall short of capturing their actual stories and experience. When we tell another’s story inaccurately we often cause harm and trauma. When we carry these false beliefs about others unknowingly or even intentionally, this is often falls into the arena of bigotry and prejudice. Today we talk about the stories we grew up with and how the two of us and humanity collectively can lean into a better framing.


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Strategies for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Prejudice


1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 014: Overcoming our Bigotry and Prejudice”

  1. If I’m going to be a honest, this episode was a bit of a bore for me. I like leaving my comments here because it’s sort of serves as a tag where I know I’ve checked out the episode already.

    Bigotry and Prejudice decrease when there’s an increase of diversity. Without diversity exposure it can be really difficult to overcome.

    Perhaps saying I’m going to let other people (groups) speak for themselves is the best way to overcome prejudice and biases. It requires us to listen.

    Progress isn’t linear, but there has been social progress the world is a much better place to live in that it has ever has been in history.

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