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Almost Awakened: 015: Parties, Stories, Strangers, and Shadows

Today we discuss the stories that are in our head. All the mind chatter and the real damage it can do. We also spend some time on the book “Talking to Strangers” by: Malcolm Gladwell. We hit on my mom’s visit and cognitive glitch and a couple of fun parties where Human behavior was in full view.

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1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 015: Parties, Stories, Strangers, and Shadows”

  1. This was a really good episode I thought.
    I think we all tend spiral into catastrophic thoughts at times, but depressed people really know how to dig themselves in a hole that’s hard to dig yourself out of.

    Lot’s of useful banter here, although, I think I like preparedness way more than just off the cuff. Please don’t wing it too much, it’s so much better when at least one of you shows up prepared with helpful insights and I think in this episode it showed.

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