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Almost Awakened: 016: Specific Signs of Awakening

Today we discuss a handful of signs that one is in the awakening process. Discussing the reduction of mind chatter, the sense of timelessness and being present, intimate human connection, and a increase in Empathy and compassion. We also hit on Mekael’s HOTT New Swimsuit (Shown Below). RESOURCES: 10 Ways to Tame Your Monkey Mind and Stop Mental Chatter 5 Tricks That Will Calm Your Mind And Quiet Mental Chatter 12 IDEAS FOR BEING MORE PRESENT IN YOUR LIFE Simple Ways to Be More Present in Our Everyday Lives 8 Easy Tricks to Be More Present Silencing Your Inner Critic Embracing Uncertainty Don’t for get to check out our sponsor RED ROCA COFFEE and type in the code AWAKE for a discount on your order.

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