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Radio Free Mormon: 101: General Conference McNuggets

This podcast squeezes in a ton of spiritual nuggets from last General Conference.

Fast paced and engaging, this is one you won’t want to miss!


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 101: General Conference McNuggets”

  1. Faster than speeding revelation, able to leap the tallest Legends and Myths in half a bound! It’s a bird, it’s a bee, no, it’s… Super RFM!

  2. I think they laughed at the squirrel because no one cares about a squirrel. Plus, that’s what would happen in real life too. I don’t know why the college students would be concerned about it either. Maybe, the owner was just concerned about the dog eating the squirrel. I laughed when you were getting concerned that people were laughing at a dead squirrel. Now, I am thinking this conversation is getting ridiculous talking about a dead squirrel. 🙂

  3. Your story from Japan….The big dog is the general authorities who have the general membership by the snout. The little girl is a family member who understands how deceptive, and manipulative the general authorities are…yet she is helpless to help. The crowd are all the ex-mos wanting to help, but are paralyzed for various reasons. The guy with the boots, who happens to be you in this case (but could be anyone of us who decides to take action) kick hard enough or is able to just the right thing to get the big dog to retreat for now. And as the crowd walks off, the question is who had their eyes opened to the danger they are in if they stay trapped in the church by the big dogs.

  4. I don’t know RFM, it seems in your closing tale that God did answer your prayer, granting you the chance to become Animal Man! (It was Animal Man, wasn’t it?)

  5. RFM,

    I know you would prefer a modest stipend (wow, I’m a mind reader too), but it really sounds like you need a priesthood blessing from none other than Elder Crying himself.

    Perhaps in the blessing he could set you apart to be a GA just like your friend Elder McKay? Even if that meant lying for the lord (telling faith promoting truth claims), speaking a general conference, and reorganizing stakes every weekend mas o menos?

    Well if not from Elder Crying hands, they could be from the hands of one of his servants such as myself… tis is the same thing. Mas o menos.

  6. If you are sick, the scariest thing you could see is President Eyrimg standing in your doorway pulling a vial of oil out of his pocket. Hahaha! As always, full of good humor but this one had me rolling.

  7. Loved the mission story! Do you think you could tell me the name of the approximate breed of the big black monster dog? I’d love to look it up. I think the laughter about the squirrel dying was because of 2nd amendment types that often shoot small animals. It’s humorous because it’s their pastime!

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