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Radio Free Mormon: 102: The Exaltation Complication

Tonight Radio Free Mormon explores the idea of exaltation in the LDS Church.  RFM shows how this relatively simple concept becomes more and more complicated the more we examine it.  Ultimately it is on the floor in tatters.  This is . . . the Exaltation Complication!


8 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 102: The Exaltation Complication”

  1. Oh my head. “Yes, Heather Can have two mommies,” forevvver.
    No wonder they must just say to us, “Shut up, shut up, obey and don’t question our confusing BS. You will get all of the answers in the next life, IF you are truly faithful, to Us.”

  2. Brilliant. Thanks

    I remember President Faust saying this and it being comforting to people. Also, President Young stated that children will “return again to the fountain from whence they sprang.” There was a RS lesson on it. Apparently, President Nelson has changed this doctrine, which is going to upset many RS sisters. In President Nelson’s defense, it does make more sense considering,”we are judged for our own sin and not for Adam’s transgression” (AoF #2). If parents can’t condemn, then they can’t save either. However, why would JS go to such great lengths to save the dead, just to condemn your own children? Maybe he didn’t, if you believe the first two transcripts. Maybe it’s just modern revelation. And if modern revelation undoes sealing power, then what’s the point?

    Another important point about Jesus is that he healed people outside of the temples for free. This bothered the pharisees because they only healed people at the temple and for the price of burnt offerings. If Jesus healed people for free from wherever he happened to be during his ministry on Earth, then why would he change his mind and require tithes and temples now? Especially since “God is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

    PS Sometimes I think the church doesn’t really want us paying too much attention.

  3. My parents 100% believe that if they keep all their covenants, me and my siblings will be with them in the Celestial kingdom regardless of our actions and beliefs. I don’t think they would have received the second anointing but I don’t know where else that belief would come from. We will still have to suffer for own sins for some period, and then join them. My parents are good people but there’s always been a wall between us put there by the church. I can honestly say that I would not want to spend eternity with them.

  4. Even in a temple ceremony, a couple isn’t “sealed” for time and all eternity because the sealing is still conditional.
    “You will get all these blessings THrOUGH YOUR FAIThFULLNESS.”
    There really is little difference between the conditions in the temple and what you can read in D and C 132:7. Both have if” clauses however, the D and C doesn’t require a sealer to perform the marriage in a temple.
    Really, what is the purpose of a temple sealing?

  5. Life certainly is a kaleidoscope and we all see things differently don’t we, and then things shift and the picture completely changes.

    I’m feeling a bit church sick… general conference toxicity is beginning to take a toll on my spiritual well being. Uggh.

    I think the beetles are probably more in line with the spirit that the gospel message intended/intends to covey.

    The house of cards will soon collapse, perhaps, and in the process new revelations will be ushered in.

  6. This particular talk by Russell Nelson which Radio Free Mormon covers in this podcast literally made me physically ill. And, thru all the research that I’ve done, I do believe the the Beatles did, in fact, get it right–in that “Love is all that matters.”

     Authority figures are really authority ‘figurines’, animated by the power you have attributed to them. Just as you have invested that power, you can withdraw it. No one and no thing has power over your soul, and neither do they deserve it. It is tempting to complain about how greedy corporations are taking over the world or how the corrupt government is ruining your life. You will find plenty of people to agree with you which only reinforces the projection and deepens the suffering it generates. Take back the power you have given to authority figurines, and claim the authority of your creations. Then your projections of evil and salvation will wither, and you will not need saving because you already stand on holy ground.” –Alan Cohen (takeaways from “A Course in Miracles”)

  7. There is another problem with exaltation that you didn’t mention. Once in gospel doctrine our teacher pointed out that the celestial kingdom would only consist of couples and not families per se. If your kids get married then they are there with their spouses. We can’t all “live” together in the same house anyway. Can we? So it is just a bunch of couples.

    And a side note that I learned from John Larsen…Elohim, is in heaven, with his wife (or wives) but he has a brother named Kevin. Kevin and his wife (or wives) host a get together once a month for a group family home evening. Maybe that is how we “live” with our family beyond our spouse but there must be a cutoff point somewhere or else Kevin’s place is hugh.

  8. I remember how I really wanted to head the prophet speak this day. And how I thought my scrupulosity was under control. Nope. THIS talk put me in a dark tail spin for months. And that was when I had to decide that I could no longer allow a few individuals to have such control over my psyche.

    Also, most families I know have members who have left the church, who are gay, who have had siblings or parents that have committed suicide, drug problems, etc… what about the rest of us?

    I remember this talk stripping me of hope. The idea of progression being squashed, and feeling hopeless at the end.

    I give myself permission to navigate my life and to see things from my own lens and it is NOT a lens of checking boxes or perfectionism. It’s from a place of “all you need is love”.

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