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Radio Free Mormon: 105: Lila Tueller’s Faith Journey

Lila Tueller is the daughter of  Hartman Rector, Jr.

Lila talks about what it was like growing up with a famous General Authority for a father, and how her faith journey ultimately led her out of the LDS church.


12 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 105: Lila Tueller’s Faith Journey”

  1. Thank you Lila, this was a great podcast. I really appreciate and admire your honesty and courage to speak out. I started down the rabbit hole 3 years ago and I am (as far as I know) the only one on both sides of my TBM family that knows the truth.

    This podcast has given me more courage to at least open some dialogue with my TBM wife, and hope that one day she will be open to even listening to some of these podcasts and perhaps having her eyes opened to the truth herself.

    As always, thank you Bill and RFM. I hope you know how much good you are both doing. I echo Lilas many thanks to both of you and hope you can both continue to do these podcasts…..the service you are providing to thousands of us out here is invaluable.

  2. Lila, that’s what I thought when I heard that your father used priesthood and 2nd anointing to shut down questioning. THAT is narcissistic. Yes, the church feeds those types, as well as crushing those always feeling inadequate, using narcissistic leaders to do it and get obedience for $alvation. New narcissists trained up, just as obedient followers are trained up. Just preaching going to the temple covers all of the bases, on either side.

    But, political and “scientific” cults do the same exact thing and are just as enabling/empowering to narcissists and psychopaths and getting obedience out of sheeple.

  3. Great conversation.
    I choose to remain active in the church and try to be as nuanced as possible about all of it.

    I suppose I embrace the motto, be the change I want to see in the church. So far people have been very accepting of my progressive views. I try to be fair and not overly critical.

  4. I loved this podcast with Lila. Growing up myself in the 50s and 60s, I can tell you that Hartman Rector Jr. played large in my early Mormon years. Some of you may recall that we had Lila’s brother John down here in St George to speak to the Post-Mormon Association. I believe that was about 18 or so months ago, it was prior to Hartman’s passing and John was very respectful in his remarks toward his father. John’s transition out of Mormonism however was quite complete at the time.

  5. Fantastic podcast! Lila, thank you for the courage to come forward in this venue to express what is so heart felt. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to listen to all the thoughts that go through your mind on a daily basis. Expressing in such candor, I hope many can find similar encouragement to continue in their own journeys. I am encouraged as the debate in my own head is daily and many times nightly so I genuinely appreciate all three of you putting this together.

  6. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. I know injustices can be hard in this life, and they seem to be Lila’s main concern with the Church. Keep in mind that the restoration is a process, and that personal revelation is key. If there is a God, we are here for a reason. A temporary reason.

  7. Thank you, Lila. Your brother Daniel and his little family lived next door to me in 1983 when he was doing an internship in Rexburg, Idaho. As you said, he was a very wonderful, sweet person. He introduced me to the Sunstone magazine and a progressive way of thinking that changed my life. I am so sorry to hear of his untimely death. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story.

  8. I enjoyed this interview very much. Having lived through the 70’s and 80’s it’s very interesting to get a behind the scenes view of some of the noteworthy events I can remember.

  9. RFM, I absolutely LOVED this interview and so related to it! Hartman Rector, Jr. was my favorite General Authority during my teen years–the GA who I resonated with. Very stunning and telling for me to understand who he really was ‘behind the curtain’.
    Also, RFM, you and I actually have quite a bit in common. We were both born in 1960, we both joined the Church during our teen years (both being converts), and we both have an affinity for theatrical dance–me being the daughter of two professional dancers. My father was a dancer on Broadway as well as the Hollywood Bowl, and my mother was a ballerina with American Ballet Theatre, NYC.
    Sincere thanks again for taking the time to interview Lila (so very insightful)!

    –Deanna Kessler-Drinkar

  10. One more notation: Lila’s older brother, Daniel, was in my Family Home Evening group back in the summer of 1979 at BYU. I was deeply saddened to hear of his untimely passing. My sympathies extended.

    –Deanna Kessler-Drinkar

  11. I knew your ex brother in law Richard Vern Tueller as a young missionary from 1974-1976 serving in the New York City Mission amongst the Spanish speaking folks. Met his brother Hal in 1979 when he returned from serving in the eastern Maritime provinces. Very small world indeed.

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