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Almost Awakened: 018: Being Yourself versus Compromising Yourself

Today we just riff discussing some shadow work we faced this week. Bill’s was his wife’s mechanism of feeling like she took something away from someone and then trying to force the person she feels she hurt into righting the ship for her and then punishing them when they don’t help her right her perceived wrong. For Mekael it was her interaction with a friend who challenged her to stop compromising herself to please others. The conversation traverses across things that should be helpful for all humans to consider and wrestle with. We end revealing that next weeks episode will revolve around SEX and around how humans are navigating this arena and how you balance the need to be yourself in its fullest expression while also not having it lead to hurting others Don’t for get to check out our sponsor RED ROCA COFFEE and type in the code AWAKE for a discount on your order.

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1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 018: Being Yourself versus Compromising Yourself”

  1. First Comment!!
    Kidding aside.
    Uy, Shadow work!!!

    Easy to spot in others not so much in one self.
    Going forward are we to call out other people’s shadows?
    It seems like we can’t drag people out of their shadows so why even bother addressing other than just creating awareness to them.

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