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Almost Awakened: 019: Negotiating Sex Responsibly

Today Bill and Mekael tackle SEX, namely Negotiating Sexuality within a relationship responsibly.

Within ethical and legal constraints, we all have the right to push for what we want from our partner (and to suffer the consequences for pushing too hard). Similarly, we also have the right to deny our partner’s requests (and to suffer the consequences for shutting them down). But we need to remember that nothing in a relationship happens in a vacuum—it is influenced by what came before, as well as what else is going on in the relationship. So generosity can be rewarded (and bad behavior can be punished) in more ways than one. Therefore, we have to keep the bigger picture in mind—what price am I willing to pay for this? If it’s worth it, then it’s worth it, but since life and relationships involve compromise and sacrifice, we have to consider the potential ripple effects.

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5 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 019: Negotiating Sex Responsibly”

  1. The audible moaning of a women experiencing pleasure is super triggering for me, making it impossible for me to even share this episode with my spouse. Even without the moaning, it is too taboo of a subject to even have the difficult conversation.

    But avoiding the hard conversation indefinitely will only cause cracks to surface sooner or later. It is an inevitable outcome… not having needs met means that these will be met through other means even if it is behind other people’s back, but shame on us for doing so. How dare we?

  2. More reason to explore with a partner Before marriage, or just skip marriage, and kids until you know. Religion can just heap on top of natural differences/”preferences” which may result from many things.

  3. “Infidelity on the part of a man breaks the heart of his wife and loses her confidence and the confidence of his children (see Jacob 2:35).” Howard W. Hunter

    Pres. Monson said to be grateful for what you have. Both seem like solid advice that won’t blow up your family.

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