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Almost Awakened: 020: Mom and The Dying

Today Bill records an episode on his own giving Mekael a break. Bill had been in Ohio for two weeks sitting by the bedside of his mother who was in the final stage of her battle with Cancer. Today’s episode revolves around Bill’s confronting the death of his mom along with dealing with how we in this country handle the dying, Euthanasia, and if we are doing the best things to relieve suffering.


8 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 020: Mom and The Dying”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss… so sorry!

    My Mom is very much alive… but I too have watched the last breaths of many, ie: Dad, Grandma’s, Grandpa, Aunts and 2 of very close and dear friends. Death of a dear one, will always leave a very real void that cannot be filled, but the intensity of emotions become more manageable… as you alluded too, suffering is a very real and permanent part of living. It’s just stinks!

    I wanted to also say, I stand with you in regards to Euthanasia or here in California we call the law, “The End of Life Option Act.”

    It baffles my mind that we can call our selves an “Enlightened-civil society,” in 2019, and allow for what you experienced.

    It is inhuman. It’s uncivilized. It’s below what we can give to our cherished… as our last jester of love. Our ability to reduce, the prolonged-suffering who’s ultimate destiny is death… and give all the choice to “die in divinity.”

    Having recently lived through 2.5 yrs of cancer treatment— that’s how I will go… it’s in writing that I will die with dignity!

    Again, my deepest sympathies!

    PS: Move to California!!😎

  2. Bill,

    Your insights are having more impact on me than ever. This episode must’ve been so hard to share with us. But I was so grateful! I appreciated your awareness, wisdom, and openness once again.

    You’ve become so touching and real, Bill. Bill. Reel. REAL. I didn’t know until now that I’d discover how your surname really describes YOU and every great characteristic!

    Thanks so much!

  3. There is no right or wrong in the universe. No meaning. No objective morality. As an atheist, you should reject attributed meaning and morality.

    1. except I am also take a bit of a mystical approach. And I likely make way less meaning then you think I do. Lastly to reduce suffering and torture seems applicable even as an atheist.

  4. Paul the latter-day Apostle

    I am so sorry for your loss! I sometimes wonder if it wasn’t better for my mother when she died in a car accident rather than me having to watch her struggle to the end.

    I got into an argument with a church friend of mine where I argued for the euthanasia option, and his point was that we shouldn’t be playing god and let people live out their life to the end and it gives those remaining the opportunity to serve others.
    My argument was that we already play god, especially on the front end, where we put babies that couldn’t normally live in the ICU and “force” them to live.

    I have in my directive papers a listing of several circumstances where I definitely have DNF direction as well as when taking me to Oregon and giving me my life(death).

    Needless suffering is indeed crazy, as you point out, legalized by those who have no idea about any type of life beyond the grave, if any at all. My belief is that when it’s over, it’s over, and nothing else exists, you don’t know you ever existed, and your life was what it was. I do get saddened by the second death you talked about, where the last time your name is uttered, that’s the final death.

    I like this series about getting woke. It’s interesting how walking a mile in someone else’s shoes can change a perspective, eh?

    Sorry again for you loss.

  5. Beautiful advice Bill, now I know what to do.
    Act normal.

    It will be difficult, but that time will come to us all.

    Those who love us, will miss us…
    As we learn our limits, we will become limitless.

  6. I’m not going to criticize you for talking about this Bill. I’m so sorry that you have lost your mom but comforted that you miss her. I kind of doubt that any of my kids would say the things you said about her. My life is getting nearer the end too and I’m so fortunate to live in Canada where Dying with Dignity is legal.
    I wish your mum could have had that opportunity. This is MY plan and my family knows it.
    Bless your heart with comfort.. xxx

  7. 3 of my 6 sons have died…my parents, grandparents. Young friends, nephews and nieces and old friends who want to go on and life doesnt let them. I am totally in favor of letting myself chose when and how i want to die.

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