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Radio Free Mormon: 113: Mormon Stories Interview Part 7

I had a blast talking with John Dehlin on Mormon Stories!

There are seven parts to this interview covering a wide array of issues.

In this last part, I make some concluding observations and comments.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 113: Mormon Stories Interview Part 7”

  1. RFM, thank you! You have always been a pleasure to listen to, but this series gave us insight to the ‘you’ , which is rarely shared. Unscripted RFM ROCKS! I want to hear more, and look forward to continued learning.

  2. Great interviews! The church certainly solidly considers Itself and Leaders more important than family, and ethics. there is NO honesty in their dealings. None of that is good or healthy or salvation in any way, shape or form. Not a good situation to raise your kids in, cloaked “abuse and bullying for God.”

    The church helped shred my family thru divorce and alienation which church teachings and many Leaders highly support – emotionally beating the hell out of your kids hoping it will hurt your ex more than that utterly destroys the kids. Yeah, the church is all about families, leveraging, abusing and threatening them.

    Uncovering the church mess, it is a huge smelly pile of bullying and gold spray-painted dogma crap with an abusive, entitled, gleaming smile. FAIRisees.

    Most of my kids left the church after being forced to go or punished by their mom and her parents for not going or questioning, another church teaching backfiring but also benefiting my kids, in the end, who left long before me. They still get battered over that by their mom and her parents. More Pharisees.

    I’m so glad I didn’t guilt or shame them for doubting or leaving, as advised by the late Dr. Glenn Latham, positive parenting author. He saw that driving kids out, even as a devout Mormon. Once I could finally see the problems with the church and talk to them about that and them leaving, they said that seeing and leaving helped their anxiety and depression a lot, not having “Christ’s Thought Police” eternally watching, judging and threatening them.

  3. RFM, my wife and I loved that quote you created: “I didn’t escape Alcatraz to turn my self in at San Quentin!” – RFM

    Are we really awake to the churches deception, abuse, bullying, censorship and dogma in general, but not awake to the same and worse outside religion? Or is that the true kind of dogma we can really worship because it is not religious? Hmmmmm?

    I presume that means you can see the non religious dogma so prevalently worshiped, obeyed and not questioned as well? I can’t see you joining and “worshiping” the corporate “govt” dogma crap cult like 80% do upon existing Mormonism? How do you actually view this? do you have membersip of faith in the chures of Scienceology, Climatology, Corporatology, Vaccineology (they have NO Accountability… but it’s to $ave ewe! What could possibly go wrong with that…)

    The new cults (the New Not-Sees) outside of religion have worse ethics than “god” of the bible. Too few seem to even notice that and the rabbit hole that opens up. Is that what you meant by your new (or old) saying, or only free from religious dogma prison, but happy as a clam in the bigger more deadly dogmas?

    Disclaimer: Not all dogma is created equal. The most popular dogma is more deadly than religious dogma. Surrender to be $aved at your own peril. When we say joining Us will save you, and your kids won’t burn, roast, over-heat, well, that’s only in the next life (their life, not yours). Just sign on the dotted line to save…. your soles. You wouldn’t want to have hot soles? That would get you really dancin!

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