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Stories For Mormons: 014: Commentary on “The Blind Man”

Various thoughts about the article “The Blind Man: A Fable About Responsibility” By Ron D. Kingsley, Ph.D., NCSP.

Hope you enjoy


2 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: 014: Commentary on “The Blind Man””

  1. It’s powerful to hear one’s provided commentary out-loud back to you. I kind of feel like an “Idiot” for using that same word all the time.

    I can have compassion for others in their actions and choices, but will others have compassion for me? Perhaps I already have the compassion from others but the only one I really need and often feel like I don’t have is the one from my partner.

    1. You have compassion from me. Diversity of perspectives and opinions is what creates an environment for learning and growth. I hope you keep commenting.

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