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Almost Awakened: 021: Sex At Dawn and Babies Saved

Today Mekael and Bill talk about what has gone on over the last month.  The passing of a loved one, what they and their lovers are reading, the saving of a baby and essentially just catching the listeners up after a month of chaos.  They also spend a few minutes to talk about entering the drinking culture as a 40 year old adult. Resources: Sex At Dawn Bill Rescuing a baby and it making National News

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4 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 021: Sex At Dawn and Babies Saved”

    1. Are you saying Mormon polygamy that involves religious pressure and heavenly rewards and hell’s damnation coercing young girls and naive women into polygamous relationships is apples to apples with grown adults making a consensual decision solely based on their own free will and based on their own wants. Are you saying these are the same?

      1. I’m saying polygamy is fine. It shouldn’t be illegal. From your response it sounds like you wouldn’t oppose legalization either. I stand corrected

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