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Almost Awakened: 022: Ego and Rational Thinking with Spencer Wright

Today Bill and Mekael sit down with Author Spencer Wright regarding his book “How to think”. The discussion revolves around how we humans can be more rational with the beliefs we hold. We discuss at length the feasibility of completely shedding Ego and yet the merits of shedding some portions of ego in order to have the critical thinking skills necessary to shed false absurd beliefs when those beliefs make benefit us emotionally and are central to our identity.


“How To Think” by: Spencer Wright

“Understanding the Tao Te Ching” by: Spencer Wright

Critical Thinking

6 Critical Thinking Skills You Need to Master Now

Can I Learn to Think More Rationally?

A User’s Guide to Rational Thinking

Rational Thinking as a Process

How to Train Yourself to Be a More Rational Thinker

Why Rational Thinking Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

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2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 022: Ego and Rational Thinking with Spencer Wright”

  1. Great Episode. Great Closing song too. Yay for lollipops.
    Most people don’t appreciate having their faith challenged, and who likes finding out if they are actually wrong, but if you are so sure about yourself shouldn’t you be willing to find out?

    I think this was my position, I was so sure that I had the truth that I let the truth challenge my position, and surely enough the likelihood seems less reasonable. But faith is supposed to be irrational, and the evidence only comes after the trial of your faith. So let’s go ahead with believing aliens on the roof instead of some animal or whatever the majority of evidence points out to, despite the flashing weird lights in the sky which we all see every now and then.

    The cognitive dissonance, I mean holy ghost, will cause you to be uncomfortable, we are much better off sticking to elevation emotion.

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