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Stories For Mormons: 015: Seven Woes to the Prophets and Elders

This Episode will explore the idea of “likening the scriptures unto us.” Specifically the scripture found in Matt. 23. The primary idea explored is the concept of “Institutional Sin,” as opposed to “individual sin.” We are then left to wrestle with the idea of “Institutional Repentance.” I welcome your opinions and thoughts about “Institutional Repentance,” and invite the listener to respond in the comments section or by email at [email protected]. The responses (if any), will be shared in a follow up episode. As always, comments and opinions will remain anonymous. Thank you for listening.

Here is the PDF of the episode and scriptural adaptation if interested.

Seven Woes to the Prophets and Elders


11 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: 015: Seven Woes to the Prophets and Elders”

  1. My goodness…

    Can you provide a transcript of the revelation from God that you produced?

    I think it deserves to be translated into Spanish and floated around some family members.

  2. Loved the episode.

    Your question about church repentance? They can’t do it. Too late for them–they are path dependent on Oaks policy of not apologizing.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the blindness however. The leaders are as two-faced as they come: on one hand putting out a public face of piety; and on the other, they are “grizzly bears”….as Boyd Packer was referred to.

    1. I hear you. My hope is for Oak’s apology policy be reversed just like the Nov. 15th policy. I’m not holding my breath though.

      1. I’ve thought for a long time about this whole institutional sin idea–and its nice to hear it articulated in your podcast.

        It becomes sooooo difficult for large organizations to apologize. I suppose it opens them up to litigation,…and isn’t that sad? As regarding the LDS church, its amazing to me that they preach the evilness of using “Satan’s tactics to fight”, and that at an individual level, when in both practice AND PRINT they condone it, provided it protects the “good name of the church.”

        How does telling lies and withholding information protect a good name?

        I remember a GA giving a talk on how the ends do NOT justify the means. I’m astonished that this teaching is tactfully annulled when the church takes license.

        1. Johnathank….any chance you might pull some of the quotes where GAs have said “We will beat the devil at his own game”….and “We have to lie to protect Joseph”….etc?

  3. There is only one way for the church to “begin” the repentance process… that is for the President to stand up at general conference, give a complete mea culpa, release all of the other general authorities and after announcing a date for a conference of stake presidents to reorganize the church… resign his office…!

  4. Shocking and powerful. I think the leaders are incapable of apologising, with the few exceptions who dare not risk losing their livelihood, family and reputation by speaking out. The others are so immersed in their small reality that they cannot conceive of a greater, healthier reality. They lack the humility of a Pope Francis, who showed godly remorse at his own lack of judgement until he became better informed. We can better inform the LDS leaders until everyone of us has either resigned or been excommunicated, but they will not, cannot budge.
    I hope I am a poor prophet who will be proved wrong (I’ll be in good company!).

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