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Almost Awakened: 025: Non-Monogamy and Non-Normative Sexuality with River

Mekael and Bill sit down with River who chooses along with her primary partner to live in the space of Non-Monogamy.  Today we talk about what that looks like in terms of how someone approaches this lifestyle.  How someone begins conversations about this part of themselves.  How someone initiates conversations around the pro and cons of monogamy and the pros and cons of non-monogamy.


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2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 025: Non-Monogamy and Non-Normative Sexuality with River”

  1. Thank you for this conversation… it’s a shame it is so taboo. Every couple should navigate these conversations together, way too often we let religion or generally accepted culture take over this topic for us.

  2. How far you have fallen! I have been listening to your podcasts for a few years now, but will no long be around as much, if at all. When you go to believing in God and the LDS Church to it’s false and throwing out even moral issues like being faithful to your spouse it is time to shed you from my life. Your podcasts have been helpful in my our faith journey, but I can not in good faith continue listening to you when you have fallen so far. So does this mean you (Bill) are going to have an “open marriage” with your wife? I would hope that you would at least still maintain so morals.

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