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Almost Awakened: 026: Sex, Shadows, Kinks & Fetishes

Mekael and Bill discuss three things today. First they review some of their thoughts from last weeks conversation with River about ethical non-monogamy. Second Bill discusses some recent Shadow work including a sound bite from the hit TV show Criminal Minds. Lastly Bill and Mekael discuss Kinks and Fetishes including Bills discovery and sharing of how own kink. RESOURCES: MindHunter TV Show Criminal Minds TV Show 101 KINKY THINGS – AN EXTENSIVE LIST OF KINKS AND FETISHES Dacryphilia (Crying kink/Fetish) Don’t for get to check out our sponsor RED ROCA COFFEE and type in the code AWAKE for a discount on your order. Our logo Concept was created by Kelsey Jones Subscribe on Itunes, Stitcher, and other third party apps. And be sure to leave us a positive review. You can donate to the podcast by Clicking Here  

1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 026: Sex, Shadows, Kinks & Fetishes”

  1. Is it fair to say that everyone has fetishes & kinks, but they are either unwilling to acknowledge them or not conscious that they have them in the first place?

    If it is one or the other, what % percentage of the population would fall in to the first and former situation?

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