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Radio Free Mormon: 121: Defender of the Faith Lecture 8

This lecture from my 1989 Institute Class, “Defending the Faith,” demonstrates conclusively that the LDS Doctrine of Deity, though unusual in many respects, is completely vindicated by the Holy Bible!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 121: Defender of the Faith Lecture 8”

  1. Thanks RFM, I just got my testimony back.
    This is actually pretty amazing references that can be still useful if you pointed out theological viewpoints and justify them.

  2. Wonderful load of references showing both sides, contradictions all over the place. Well done my good and faithful servant. If pulling on this piece of yarn doesn’t unravel the whole sweater, there are many more loose ends of yarn all over the place to pull on.

    Just stay away from “San Quentin” and that new “mega prison” they are planing too;-)

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