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Radio Free Mormon: 122: Resolving Spiritual Experiences

RFM flew to Utah to give a special presentation at the St. George Post-Mormon Group on January 12, 2020.

This is the audio of that presentation, together with a lengthy and lively Q&A session afterward.

I had a blast!  Special thanks to everybody who showed up!



4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 122: Resolving Spiritual Experiences”

  1. We laughed, we cried, we didn’t bust out of Alcatraz only to end our journey turning ourselves in at San Quentin. The trail must go on.
    Thanks, FRM, you’re the best.

  2. Thanks RFM for providing a bigger cup and making us aware how religious institutions want us to interpret our metaphysical experiences.

    Amicable divorce with the church is only possible when both sides are amicable about it.

    The journey of heroes only happens as they leave the comfortable zone, and this mainly happens when we are cast out of them.

  3. RFM, this one was so good I had to listen again to gather in all the great thoughts and ideas… and … to synopsize: If you don’t believe as another tells you that you must, they may say, “you Denier!” Wait, isn’t “Denier” a term used by corporatacracy cults? Don’t sheeple have to see on their own, without us telling them corporatocacy-salvation and Santa isn’t Reel?

    I can’t just tell them like you warn them of a con man or narcissistic or psychopath ex (don’t get involved with that %$#@? Oh, I Can warn them of predatory sh..tuff, just not blow the lid right off of jolly old well meaning Santa? Great. They have to see on their own, like… Santa… with fangs.

    “What? You won’t join our Hole-y Only True Church of Climatology? Well, it is the only One which has proper ‘scientific’ keys, power and authority. You dirty Denier!”
    Sounds too much like religious zealot “doubter, denier, apostate, blasphemer,” and we srue know what that means. Hmmmmmmm, don’t look at the red flags, nothing to see here, move along. Or, just grab a shackle and latch yourself on. It’s nice to feel saved in trade for agency and progression on our otherwise Own journey.

    Wait, what do you mean that the whole Church of Climatology narrative is simply a zealot religious rip off on Mormonism? Isn’t it as good as Santa, lovingly scaring us away from burning, to help starving corporations in…?

    No, no, no freaking way, it can’t be a sham!
    It is true, I heard the bells and hooves on my own roof!

    Sirry for the spoiler, but, Climatology is poking fun at Mormonism to show that anyone, especially non-religious, can be just as naive or needy enough to join something as crazy, pretentiously scientific and contradictory as…. Mormonism! WTH? But the tribe gives us such a warm, fuzzy feeling!

    Oh, I can’t demonize the cult and make it look bad to justify our divorce with it… Oh, but that is OK if that abusive spouse was narcissistic, possessive, abusive and a psycopath? Good, I’m telling.

    However, I’m not saying the church is acting as a dominating, unrepentant, bullying, abusive, gaslighting…. narcissistic psychopath. No, no, wouldn’t even be suggesting that.

    Back to the Wholly, Hole-y Only True Church of Santa, I mean, Climatology: If you question and don’t obey (the debate Is over, ya know, settled ‘science’) your kids are held hostage and will surely burn! “Obey! Don’t question! The ‘debate’ is over!” Holy smokes, that Church of Climatology IS Mormonism in a nut-shell. I wonder why? WTF? Whaddayaknow, Cult Besties. How cute.

    Cracked the “bible code” on that cult too? Oh, but the narcissistic “victim” says I am surely wrong and projecting because this one IS finally our true and Only $avior, if you will only “Trust us, this time, this is the Reel deal.”

    Keep waking up my friends. When you are “Woke” you have signed over your agency, accountability, again, only to be $aved by another who is “smarter than ewe,” because of their so obvious credentials of greatness and proper keys, power and authority. That is when we have again stopped progressing, and all future graduations canceled for our service to our next saving slave-master. Messiahs, $aviors, even non-religious, are very toxic, enslaving, like Santa with fangs.

    What was it that RFM earlier said? “I didn’t escape from Alcatraz only to turn myself in at San Quentin.”
    Waking up is a journey, not a “Woke” destination.
    Did my mind wander enough while listening to RFM? Good, gonna keep exploring.

    Where will you go next, into another dead end religion you must not question, one which has “arrived,” or a “scientific” endeavor which you must not question, to be truly “Woke?” Those Are your choices, you know. Vanilla or chocolate. “Republican or Democrat.” I’ll take the other option – freedom of mind, with a scoop of Rocky Road or maybe a new flavor, or a few, or create some.

    Disclaimer: This was not intended to offend, incite riots or belittle Santa or children and churches who support Santa. Rudolph, nor other reindeer who called him names, nor other animals were harmed in this production.

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