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Radio Free Mormon: 123: Mormon Racism Revival

The Mormon world was recently rocked when it was discovered a brand new church manual contains racist teachings from a former prophet.

Special guests Bill Reel and Jonathan Streeter join RFM to discuss the controversy.

This is one for the record books!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 123: Mormon Racism Revival”

  1. In response to RFM Episode 123 on Racism, I understand that the Church is doing everything (well, obviously not everything) to try to distance itself from the EXPLANATIONS FOR THE PRIESTHOOD AND TEMPLE BAN OF PEOPLE WITH BLACK SKIN. However, the Church has not, and apparently cannot, disavow the fact that they believed, and still believe, that the BAN ITSELF was FROM GOD. That fact was confirmed most recently by Pres. Oaks at the Celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the lifting of the ban in 2018 . He said he never received a confirmation of the truthfulness of the reasons given the ban. But he then said that we don’t always know the reasons for all of God’s commandments. We just have to follow his commandments and try not to impute reasons for some of those commandments. The ban was one such commandment.
    Where was the original revelation? I’m not aware of any. But even more troubling, where was the ongoing revelation/inspiration of any of the other Apostles and Prophets up until the Church was essentially shamed and forced to lift the ban by the “revelation” of Kimball in 1978? Nowhere. They don’t exist. Isn’t the fact we still view the ban as a commandment the worst kind of continuing racism?
    They can never run from this fact until and unless they categorically disavow and apologize for the ban as wrong and was never a commandment of God. That will never happen.

    1. Johann’

      I remember hearing Oaks on this. it also was strange. How is it possible that this came from God but where is the original revelation?

      It’s an acceptance of the restriction policy without having any basis. THAT IS NUTS!

  2. I have discussed this problem of a gerontocracy leadership with members of the church. They are incapable of understanding what is going on now and make the needed adjustments that will hold the millennial and younger generations. I understand how hard it is to change since I have entered old age (660. I had a discussion with the missionaries and some members I have known for 40 years about coffee. I told them I would continue to drink coffee as the science says it good for us and not some 200 y.o. superstition. Have not heard from them since.

  3. There will be a “Committee For the Review of the Holy Scriptures” formed within a couple years, I predict. Any Office fans here?

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