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Mormon Discussion Podcast: 349: Bill Reel’s Personal Experiences With The Temple

A Listener, George, called Bill this week and asked him if he might tackle an episode dealing with Bill’s Personal experiences with the Temple. So here it is Thursday, Feb 20th, at 7:30 AM. Get ready to feel Elevation Emotion like never before!!!!


5 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion Podcast: 349: Bill Reel’s Personal Experiences With The Temple”

  1. Hi Bill,
    Thank you for all of your work on these podcasts. I was wondering if you have any insight on the upcoming general conference? The hype among TBMs, especially the teenagers, is pretty intense. Your list of changes that are being discussed has been proven spot on. Thank you

  2. One book I would highly recommend about the origins of the temple endowment is David Buerger’s “the Mysteries of Godliness.” Great book.

  3. I think we tend to forget that religion is ultimately what we make it out to be through our belief and interpretation.

    It’s true if we believe in it. That is what faith ultimately is.
    As we assign the temple experience meaning and value it becomes something sacred and special.

    I remember the first time going through and they asked me what do you think? I said we look like clowns. Their responses were ‘come on don’t say that!’. You grow use to it, and as far as not remembering the signs and tokens we need to remember that the holy ghost is there to help you remember in your time of need.

    It’s highly symbolic process and you have the freedom to make out of it what you will. I only wish we could talk more openly about temple experiences with one another instead of some people going all anal as soon as you mention something going on in there.

    I think the promises that we make our only not to talk about the names of the signs and tokens. Everything else is fair game, just like you did here Bill.

    I guess we need to make room for more changes in our religion and spirituality. The church is changing, and the whole church is being rocked right now. Perhaps it a better time than ever before for less active members to go back to church and take control of the narrative. Although we will always have to wrestle with the church from at the General Conference level.

    A lot of wishful thinking on my part here, I know. To each their own then.

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