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Mormon Discussion Podcast: 350: Brittney Hartley – Mormon Philosophy Simplified

Today I sit down with my good friend Brittney Hartley.  We discuss primarily her book Mormon Philosophy simplified.  While doing so we end up exploring life. Astrology, Sam Harris, tribalism, Divine Feminine, raising children in the Church, Sapiens, myth, Christmas, spirituality, relationships, Enneagrams…the list goes on!

Mormon Philosophy Simplified : by Brittney Hartley



7 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion Podcast: 350: Brittney Hartley – Mormon Philosophy Simplified”

  1. It’s great to hear from Brittney super thoughtful perspectives along with Bill’s. Sounds like a great book to Buy. I shall definitely consider.

    The HG as a Heavenly Mother sounds awesome theologically, however there are some instances where the HG is addressed as masculine in the scripture. It would have to be then addressed that we didn’t quite realize that the Holy Ghost was feminine even though it was suspected to be the case since… citation of examples of how far back this has been considered now.

    MOAT Podcast and Facebook group not being well accepted by certain circles in Church leadership is always going to be a factor, but to come out and make that sound like the entire church leadership sees MOAT as an issue is completely unfair. As must as Brittney and myself adores Bill, it’s pretty obvious to me that Bill has almost lost all his entire middle ground and only gives minimal proper credit to where the church does good because to claim otherwise would be completely absurd.

    The church is unhealthy is some respects, yes that might be a shocker to TBM’s, but so is the rest of the world that we live in. The church struggles to sees it’s own imperfections, but it’s definitely getting there.

    No longer do we here as much “this is the only true church” or “the church is perfect, but members are not”, rhetoric. Bill has left behind a version of Mormonism that the entire church is or has already left behind. So to continue it’s rant on against the church that once was is becoming pointless.

    I’m hoping General Conference can find it’s voice and say something of value instead of playing it safe all the time. I trust that we will get there, even though most of us won’t have the patience see it reach that point.

  2. Fascinating discussion and ideas. It has been fun seeing how both of your ideas have grown over time as you both keep seeking. I don’t think the church could adopt much from those great ideas in your new book, Brittney, since those ideas are more like the ideas Jesus taught and are not focused on power, authority and Obedience “the first law of heaven.” Well, the first law of Zealots and Pharisees, as well as “Satan’s Plan?”

    There’s just so much change to allow it to grow to become more in line with the basic Jesus was before modifications and embellishments were added to him too.

    Jesus tried to give us good advice and at least tried to mostly update ethics away from monotheist Obedience culture, “if we have ears to hear and eyes to see.” The basic version of Jesus taught to get rid of zealotry and enforcement.

    Followers not long after his exit wanted the other sh..tuff back and they surely brought it back And intensified it and enforced just that, against Jesus’ best advice. That is the best I can see it from the bible contradictions, or figure it out, at this point.

    Sounds a bit like the Moses story (allegory). They wanted the old back, and the much, much later Jews actually kept their idols (at least now excavated from their homes post 600 BC) and the many Pagan god idols they kept sacred in every home until after they were released from Babylonian captivity (552 BC).

    The Jews were convinced only after that, that “the One and Only God” could protect and save them since the many gods had not (“Better do a major change of plan.”). They changed that after captivity only, and thus they also backdated history at that point too (sounds familiar?), changed “history” to reflect new ideas to reflect the “One God” idea back to at least “Abraham” and maybe even to “Adam,” except that “the GodS – Elohim)” created them and the earth, in the “garden,” plus there are other references to multi gods of the Jews not quite scrubbed from the early bible.

    Clues are strewn throughout the bible for the many changes made as human behavior and “ethics” evolve. Great books for at least seeing that out of their many contradictions.

    How did that brand new post-Babylonian captivity “One God” idea really serve them? That idea was borrowed from Zoroastrianism’s new monotheism complete with heaven, hell and a “Satan” character, can’t leave him out or you have no ultimate spacegoat, er, wait, isn’t that what Jesus was later made into? So many rabbit holes, so little time… “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…!”

    Well, that new monotheism turned into zealotry with a much more serious enforcing authority model, echoed by leaders, than ever before. Polytheist religions can hardly match that authority and enforcement mind set. Does that zealous enforcement somehow sound too familiar? Isn’t that exactly what the real Jesus was trying to get removed back out of their cult-ture. Just like Jesus said, we still can’t see, can’t hear, can’t learn that? What did Jesus say sets you free? Obedience? Not questioning? Not progressing?

    The foundational Jesus goes ignored by his most zealous, fundamentalist “followers” still. Obedience to Leaders and their Dogma and it’s enforcers are the most basic toxic laws Jesus fought to warn us of. Can we follow the real Jesus and bring that reality back? No, not yet.

    Following and obeying in order to be saved is such a basic human desire, want, need. Nonreligious cult leaders know that too well too, and use it to deliver what sheeple desire and demand most, Safety. Obedient slaves in trade for safety. This has morphed into a very non-religious dogma now. “Obey, don’t question,” is the first law of hell, on earth.

    Are we still progressing, endlessly graduating? Or, are we still searching for or have now found that desired next safe harbor we all tend to seek first, to anchor our minds in, with the next safe (savior) Leaders using the same old worn out fear plus promises of Ewe-topia, only If we will Obey and not question their high credentials and authority which disqualifies us from questioning them? Same old game, next level if you will.

  3. Great episode! Just for kicks, I plugged in my birthdate and time (and that of my ex) into the suggested website.

    My results seemed to match me (maybe) 20% of the time. My ex’s, 0%. As a skeptic, I’ve come to believe that a lot of astrology’s charm is unfortunately a hit-or-miss proposition.

  4. Great episode
    Intelligent and insightful

    I thought that the mother in heaven concept was really cool. I had not thought about that before. Having her as the Holy Ghost, really makes more sense than many of the more traditional teachings.
    It would be great to have a church that had progressive ideas like this, and a truly open canon.

    Unfortunately, there are a few limiting factors that would prevent new theology like this, even if it is true.

    First limiting factor would be all of the contradictions that this would have with prior revealed doctrine. There would probably be so many of them that this kind of new doctrine would not even be seriously considered.

    Second limiting factor in this situation would be that theology like this would need to come from the top of the church down, instead of from the membership up. New revelation in this church has only one authorized source at this time, and it is not a very prolific or expansive source, unfortunately.

    I already ordered the book.

    Thanks Brittney. Thanks Bill.

  5. Love your podcasts! Can you please tell me, what is the name of the song that you use to open and close your podcasts and who sings it?

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