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Mormon Discussions: 346: Re-Broadcast – Joseph Smith’s Folk Magic and Seer Stones

Today we begin our first live broadcast of the Mormon Discussion Podcast. We will engage the topic of Joseph Smith’s Treasure Digging and welcome live call ins to the show and discuss the messy issue of Joseph Smith’s Treasure Hunting and use of Seer Stones.

Palmyra Magic Timeline’s_use_of_the_seer_stone_as_a_youth


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussions: 346: Re-Broadcast – Joseph Smith’s Folk Magic and Seer Stones”

  1. I currently see seer stones much like I see training wheels for getting in touch with energy all around us, Or used for fraud.
    Everything is made of interconnecting energy which some can read and con artists fake. Some connect with it very well. I have known many who can connect and get or see things better than any prophet ever has. Or, at least they did not call themselves prophets/prophetesses.

    Some refuse to do it for hire because it more often just comes when it does, or some feel it would not be right to profit even if they can do it more often at will. Doing it for profit opens an ethical door where some start proclaiming they are a prophet and things can and do go very badly form there.

    I find the same with muscle testing: training wheels for getting in touch with energy messages or whatever you want to call it. I did a personal test on that with something that could not be faked , whether it was real or not – “what time is it?” That is a hard one to fake since testing what time it is, is rather concrete. By the end of less than a month I no loner used muscle testing but was just seeing the time numbers in my mind and I was almost always within one or two minutes of the real verified time. sure not, exact, but, even the best never are 100%.

    Sure you can explain it away so easily, but, how does my step daughter see everybody’s baby before it is born and is always right including her description of seeing one niece at about 4 years old with dark complexion, very beautiful with black curly long hair. Well, she was right, till her mom cut her hair.

    How did my wife’s and my old friend and others help police catch a cold case murderer and find the bizarrely well hidden dismembered body, very bizarrely, describing it well, giving unreal details which nobody sane could even imagine? None of them knew the murderer, family, friends, victim or anyone involved. That is nothing new. Sometimes, it works well.

    Nobel prizes have been given for odd energy physics.
    Watch the ESP TED talk.

  2. It’s not fair of the church to blame the artist for their interpretation of the rendering of their drawings when the church commissions the artwork and asks it to be represented in a specific way.

    So true. I do think this seer stone is cool stuff, the product of imagination is the substance of revelation, to bad the only one entitled to imagination, I mean revelation are the prophets, seers, and revelators, and they don’t even use their membership sustained given rights… at least I took my personal authority back.

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