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Radio Free Mormon: 125: Defender of the Faith Lecture 9

We conclude our discussion of the Mormon Doctrine of Deity, spending a good chunk of the class on showing how the Bible teaches the LDS doctrine that men (and women) can become gods.  We even find a bit of room at the end for a discussion of polygamy!  Radio Free Mormon, Defender of the Faith, strikes again!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 125: Defender of the Faith Lecture 9”

  1. Thanks RFM for being so awesome and for doing the hard work for the heavy lifting of truth! I was impressed when, on your mission, you heard the voice of God and you were obedient to it! Did you ever think that God just wanted to show how he communicates with you? So what if there wasn’t a 2nd discussion? The miracle is that you heard the voice of God and ran after the guy, and the guy said yes to hearing your message. Isn’t that enough? What if God wanted the person delayed from an impending disaster? And wow, you weren’t tempted to miracllize it! I’m a (eyes wide open) TBM and I’m glad for your work towards in keeping the “Brethren” accountable.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lori!

      You are right. I can’t explain it.

      I just know it happened.

      But as inexplicable as the experience was, it was mine. Not anybody else’s.

      I get to define what it means and what it doesn’t mean.

      Nobody else gets to take that power from me.

      Thanks for listening!


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