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Radio Free Mormon: 127: Lost in Translation Part 2

Radio Free Mormon continues his investigation of the events surrounding the translation of the Book of Mormon.  This episode is cram packed with new insights and fascinating discoveries!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 127: Lost in Translation Part 2”

  1. RFM,

    Your voice has this synergistic tone that allows me to concentrate and be more productive with my work as I plug away while listening to your very logical points and conclusions.

    Is it possible that the gift and power of God is just beyond your comprehension? You seem to not grasp the fact that there millions of people swearing by the truthfulness of this book. One day we will be placing our hand over the BoM in court rooms if we aren’t already.

  2. As regards the question of why the urim and thumin started being talked about for the translation, as opposed to the peepstone:
    I heard a podcast with Dan Vogel, I believe, where this was talked about. Apparently, when Joseph Smith was still in Palmyra, he had been taken to court for the money digging. He was let go on a “leg bail”, which basically meant: get out of this area and don’t come back. My understanding is that another condition of the leg bail was that Joseph stop using the peepstone.
    So, when Oliver Cowdrey was called to testify in court a few years later about a different money digging scheme, he changed the peepstone to Urim and Thumin.
    Thank you so much for these podcasts! So we’ll done and enjoyable

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