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Mormon Discussions: 351: Chris Bloxham & Bill Reel Dissect Race and Priesthood

Audio from a Live Broadcast on March 4th 8AM Mountain Time, Bill Reel and Chris Bloxham will examine Mormonism’s long standing journey w/ racism. Elder Oaks will be making a special appearance and we will have the chance to hear the great Priesthood story of Bonky & Creeby


2 thoughts on “Mormon Discussions: 351: Chris Bloxham & Bill Reel Dissect Race and Priesthood”

  1. Stop bullying the Prophets and Apostles, can’t you see that they’ are just men trying to do the best they can?

    But I do appreciate pointing out the unhealthiness of their perspectives. Helps me with my own blindspots.

    1. They are just business men doing the best they can and frequently are influenced by social pressure. I am surprised that God did not strike them dead and put another servant in their place before teaching incorrect “doctrine” and promoting racism and social injustice. If they were really prophets, seers, and REVELATORS” then they would foresee the future and KNOW that that “doctrine” was offensive. The LDS corp church even admits wrongdoing in their Gospel Topic Essay located on the LDS church’s own website admitting they made a mistake. Here:


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