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Radio Free Mormon: 129: Lost in Translation Part 4

RFM concludes his 4-part miniseries on Joseph Smith’s translation of the Book of Mormon with a bang!  If you like what RFM is presenting, please donate today at!  Your contribution keeps Radio Free Mormon broadcasting behind enemy lines!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 129: Lost in Translation Part 4”

  1. The Church through the essay on the “translation” of the Book of Mormon has admitted that Joseph Smith used the seer stone in the hat method. They have also admitted that the “golden plates” were not used and just sat on the table covered with a linen cloth. So, why are you spending an inordinate amount of time trying to prove what has already been conceded?

    1. The Gospel Topics Essays UaT vs Seer stone in hat is very different than the historical version presented here by RFM. Even JS dance aroudn that and refused to answer. Great information for seeing “secret not sacred.” The church says mainly UaT used for translation and “admits” only a little bit of seer stone in hat.

      History says the opposite. Some of us love hearing closer analysis of truth, a closer analysis of why and who said what and how the accused David Whittmer “admission of UaT use” is shown for the false witness accusation drama it was.

      Putting words in men’s mouths and putting words in god’s mouth – both bearing false witness. Why would any true religion hold to either of those doctrines which is how they produce changing doctrines and scriptures to create, preserve deceptions, power and authority and justify it all in god’s name? Too many Red Flags defying the foundation teachings of Jesus (well, except for making whips to whip each other and ourselves back into line….)?

      Treasure-digging Seer stone in a hat, more firm than ever once you dig into it. Thanks for treasure-digging, RFM. The Essays do have at least some of that, but, more than “a little bit of tilt” still trying to save the day, justify the unjustifiable deception, threats, bullying, shaming, etc, “all lovingly for Jesus” (real gold plates, $alvation, sealings, polygamy, BoA, ever-changing god, ever-shaky-shifting revelations and doctrines…).

      “The truth will set you free.” Jesus never said He would save us (men surely wrote/added that in there later) but He told us how to save ourselves through love, giving, Truth. Why do we despise him in this so much? Because it takes away the power and authority he could not warn us of enough? Let domination dogma go. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly, all the way. Again.

      “Eyes to see, ears to hear…”

    2. …and the church has not admitted that the gold plates steeped in story telling, faked with a prop that could not be seen, and were never real, nor “the history written on them.” The Essays do in fact reveal some truths, but are mired in deceptions still.

      The church lies, RFM pries.

  2. Oooooo, “Toight like a toiger!” – Goldmember
    Or just “Tight like unto a dish,” – BoM
    either way,
    “RFM, the Proponent and Expo-Seer of the Lored, has done more, save Jesus only, to undo the Slave-ation of men in this world…”
    “Only love, giving and Truth will set you free.”
    – Thus saith the Lord of podcast hosts.

  3. Unfortunately this subject is never or no longer discussed ever in Sunday school or hallway doctrine. Mormonism is no longer your father’s Mormonism, Mormonism is transition to a more lose based universal warm and fuzzy principled Mormonism.

    Only RFM will go into the specifics none like anyone else probably going out there. Sadly, yesterdays Mormonism is going the way of the dinosaur.

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