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Radio Free Mormon: 132: General Conference McNuggets

RFM reviews a few listener comments and starts covering some of the high points from October 2019 General Conference.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 132: General Conference McNuggets”

  1. Interesting observations as usual.
    The fullness of the gospel isn’t complete without the voice of it’s critics. Cheers!!

    1. LOL!

      I just want you to know I am holding back.

      I could be a lot harsher!

      This is my kinder and gentler side.


  2. Many great points made! Thanks.
    Let’s just edit it all down, this Con-ference, last Con-ference and every Con-ference:
    “Dear brothers and sisters, ewe can blindly trust and follow only Us, to Jesus. He will never let Us lead ewe astray. Obey.
    Contrary to what some charlatans teach, the church is Not Satan’s Plan, but is simply authorized, proper coercion and deception used to get ewe to Christ at all costs. These are his methods which We Obey and don’t question, just as you should obey his most Hole-y and Humble Servants too. Bless ewe brother’s and sisters for blindly obeying and not questioning Our lord’s Chosen Phari…, er, Ones. All who follow Us to him will inherit the kingdom and not suffer eternal pains for disobedience to Us, his Anointed and most Humble Servants. Amen.”

    There, you have it, GenCon in under a minute. Now try that in a Tommy Monson voice too. Still the same sacred dogma crap? Same thing will be prettilly packaged and coming in the next most special Con-ference too.

    See, I saved you all the trouble of listening, pondering and analyzing the hell of a very strange Jesus who con-tradicts himself with utmost regularity moving the target, always changing His mind to shit-test ewe well.

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