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Radio Free Mormon: 133: General Conference McNuggets Part 2

RFM continues his review of highlights from October General Conference of 2019.  We even find some more hidden predictions of the Corona Virus.  What a blessing it is to have prophets who lead the church!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 133: General Conference McNuggets Part 2”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jessica!

      It is for people exactly like you that I am going the extra mile!

      Your words of appreciation mean a lot!


  1. Thanks for this episode. I think it’s probably better that the church is slowly backing down on some of the language from prior eras related to miracles and revelation. I believe that it’s psychologically healthier for members to realize that they need to accept with faith and grace whatever illnesses, etc. arise rather than expend vain hope on a miracle that doesn’t come.

    That being said, once you get rid of the miracles and the revelation, what are you left with? Basically pay your tithing and do what the Qo15 says. Not too exciting.

    Also, why did you stop using audio clips? I really enjoyed prior episodes where you could hear the nuggets right from the horse’s mouth. Was it too much work or is there a copyright issue?

    thanks again

  2. These are outstanding podcasts. The end of this podcasts focuses on Oaks not being able to answer any of the unknowns about eternal sealing in the afterlife. The very last statement I don’t think only applies marriage, he mentions “ readjustments “ and transgressions. It occurred to me he may be talking also about abuse. What if a father or bishop in the LDS church abuses his kids but they are all still sealed together as a family assuming the family remains sealed in the temple. Does the child that does not want to remain sealed for eternity to their abusing father have to remain sealed to their parents or can they jump ship? I’m sure the apostles get these kind of questions all the time and just don’t answer them or ignore them or they give the token answer that we just don’t know. (Even though they are prophets and revelators for a reason) Joseph and Brigham seemed to have answers to everything but current day prophets are afraid to answer anything.

    Thanks for all you do. Your podcasts are amazing, Insightful and well researched. Keep it up.

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