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Radio Free Mormon: 134: General Conference McNuggets Part 3

President Nelson announces a day of prayer and fasting to halt the Corona Virus.  You just knew RFM was going to be talking about this!  Afterward, RFM continues his take-down of October 2019 General Conference.  The Conference Center is open and seats are surprisingly plentiful!  Come join the fun!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 134: General Conference McNuggets Part 3”

  1. RFM, you may need to play the devil’s advocate a bit more, otherwise driving the prosecutor seat becomes a tad bit unreasonable.

    The reasoning being, while Gordon B. Hinckley may have expressed at one point that General Conference talks are not coordinated, that has obviously now changed, and never was it more obvious and apparent that was the case as it was with the last general conference.

    But you get bonus points for pointing out the obvious, but no one in the church is even defending that point anymore. In fact, the church in general seems disinterested in defending debunk points. We need to find out what the church is still continuing to hold up as true so it can be knocked down.

    This is kind of like when I go up to bare my testimony. I know say things like… I think God exists, I love the way we hold up Christ as the perfect example of love, kindness, and caring for others. Or wait for it, I know that the Book of Mormon is just as true as the bible is.

    Did you see what I did there with that last sentence? Because how true is the Bible anyways? It’s no more truer than the book of Mormon in my opinion, although that is debatable.

    Hopefully you get my point. Let’s find the new sacred cows that the church is not holding up and find the fault and flaws in that new reasoning and logic that they are holding it up to.

    1. You may be right that the church has changed the policy about not peeking at other talks in General Conference. But then, how would we know for sure?

      Because of my sleuthing?

      This gets at the heart of another issue in Mormonism–that leaders will change things without ever saying they are changing things and leaving the original things they said (which are now changed) on the record.

      This causes a lot of confusion, and it is hard sometimes for me to believe the confusion is not intentional.

      As long as President Hinckley’s position that no coordination between GC talks occurs is left to stand unchallenged in the official record, I think it is fair game.

      Plus, I think this idea has been referenced more recently than President Hinckley.

      But I could be wrong about that.

      Elder Andersen suggests as much, without actually saying it, in his closing talk in October 2017 General Conference:

      “When and how does the inspiration for general conference talks come?

      “With no topics assigned, we see heaven beautifully coordinating the subjects and themes of eternal truth each and every conference.”

      As I say, Elder Andersen doesn’t actually say that nobody looks at the talks of somebody else, but with that idea already enunciated previous to this, it is easy to interpret his talk as suggesting a similar idea.

      Thanks, as always, for your excellent comments!


      1. Thank you RFM,

        Excellent points, I’m practically forced to stand corrected. Coordination was blatantly obvious and I was disgusted by it, precisely because of comments like Elder Anderson, oh look… look at how inspired we all are.

        Truth is, I’m told by reliable sources, that General Conference speakers have to submit their talks for approval, where they get revised, their points are edited water down, if too many revisions are needed they send back the talk with specific instructions telling speakers to make it less condemning with more universal appeal… least they say things like you are going to hell and other such nonsense.

        So, General Conference is anything but last minute uncoordinated, off the cuff inspiration. Heck, all the translators already have their talks translated in advance so they can speak live to the audience as if they were translating in real time. This too is blatantly obvious to native speakers, just asks anyone who listens to GC in Spanish. Heck, the few times when they go off script to say something like… oh that was an excellent talk Bro. Smith the translators will always struggle to translate these brief off script comments that never make it to the printed copies of the Ensign. It’s a good thing I know two languages just to notice.

  2. “Science?” Speaking of the Covid-Cult, it has so many parallels with Mormonism, things which it ripped off from other religions too. Only fake “science” and “credentials,” power and authority with the For Profit Covid-Cult. The Covid-Cult does in fact have a leg up on Mormonisms in at least two ways (go ahead, name more): 1- Group-$alvation (“Everybody better believe, obey, pay and worship our hole-y eternal deceptions, or else!!!”
    2- Regions which moved “up” to Monotheism became more powerful over their flocks of trembling sheeple. The Covid-Cult moved up to the even more powerful Gods of politics and fake as dogma crap “science” and equally Con-tradictory “math” and “models” which never add up (sounds too damned familiar?) which you really must just shut the hell up, obey and never ever question, “or else!” (all will not be saved as a group).
    they coppied and improved on religions quite well, wouldn’t you say? OK, a great appoligist can “shoot” all of that down, I know.
    LDS comes closer than most to the Covid-Cult Group-$alavation, by force, but still misses this boat by a long dock.

    Cults of a feather flock together?
    Copy-cat religions, copy-cat cults.

    A really wise guy once said something like, “I didn’t escape Alcatraz just to turn myself in at San Quentin.” Sadly most escapees are now ensnared at “San Quentin” because they were still searching for a true cult they could finally and really trust and blindly follow. But the sharks know that tid-bit of human nature and and provide, and own ewe.

    1. Dear Tom,

      Thank you for all your comments! I think you make a lot of good points!

      And I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to hear you quote me!

      Keep it up!

      Thanks again!


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