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Radio Free Mormon: 135: Gen Con McNuggets Part 4–Women’s Session

RFM begins his review of the General Conference Women’s Session from October of 2019.  There is so much to talk about, he gets only half way through the session!  Enjoy!  And hey, hey, hey!  Let’s be careful out there!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 135: Gen Con McNuggets Part 4–Women’s Session”

  1. Spot on RFM.
    Well pointed out, I hope the Strengthening the church committee is actively taking notes so they can take the accurate feedback the rest of the church feeds off subconsciously and do some constructive shadow work with it.

    But then again, I think I hope too much… who am I kidding. The church won’t change until even more people bleed away. In a way the church is damn if they do and damned if they don’t.

    What would be the worse thing that could happen if the leadership of the church announced the following:

    Bro. & Sisters, after extensive research we have determined that Joseph Smith constructed the book of Mormon gathering from the available culture and inspiration available to him and his surroundings. We believe that he acted under the direction of God while doing so and that he was inspired and led by God while so doing.

    We believe that each of us can be likewise act so inspired and led by God to go on and achieve great and wonderful things. We believe that God leads our church and while we consider it to be true we no longer claim it to be exclusively true. Rather that it our mission to create a true space where we can all worship in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I could go own, but that would be my dream… hopefully I could one day hear those words pronounced over general conference pulpit, but perhaps I hope and daydream way too much.

    Another awesome step forward would be to call for tithing to be based on Surplus or Interest instead of Net or Gross profit. The LGBT narrative will be hard to accommodate, but if we create a narrative where there was multiple Garden’s of Eden took place where some Garden’s had Adam & Steve as well as Adora & Eve, since after all there are many worlds where Adam & Eve’s all type of variations thereof took place who says they needed to take place on other worlds but rather just other places on this same planet.

    This version of the creation story is more accommodating and in line with the current science and theories of evolution.

  2. You gave amazing examples there near the end how the church repeatedly talks out of both sides of it’s mouth to members vs the public and how much Con-fusion it creates for both. Did they forget their talks about lying?

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