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Stories For Mormons: 018: Commentary “The Messenger”

A few thoughts about the story “The Messenger.”


5 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: 018: Commentary “The Messenger””

  1. More comments on the story would have been more interesting in order to gather more perspectives. Seeing everyone as the resurrected Christ is a powerful message, and for some reason it was hard for me to see this point.

    Maybe we haven’t spent enough time among beggars, but when you do, you quickly come across how insane most them are.

    Your comments on the story helped me be more aware and willing to listen to others no matter what their backgrounds are. I’m going to double check myself before discrediting other peoples truths… even when it might come from TCOJCOLDS.

    1. Good advice. I have been trying to see the many truths I can learn from Mormons and Mormonism in past months, which happens more for me when I take none of it literally and see that everyone is at a different point in their own journey and we all see it, god, Jesus and Gospel differently to greater or lesser degrees.

    2. Ya I would have liked more commentary as well. Perhaps people don’t feel comfortable commenting so I appreciate your comments and vulnerability in sharing.

  2. Too true: Fiction enslaves us when we take it as literal, but, frees us when we understand the message. Even Jesus’ parables enslave us when taken literally and not figuratively for a non-judgmental lesson leaned depending on where we and our understanding are in our journey. Waking up is not a destination, but, a journey.

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