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Almost Awakened: 038: Five Wives Vodka

Mekael and Bill sit down with Steve Conlin from Five Wives Vodka to discuss the The History of their company and the challenges that their company has faced in getting their product out and how the alcohol industry generally is developing. We discuss the religious and religious deconstruction influence on their brand and how those who partake of alcohol can work with Vodka generally and what seperates good quality vodka from low quality vodka. We also share how Five Wives Vodka is helping during the Covid19 pandemic by shifting a significant segment of their production over to making hand sanitizer for hospitals and other institutional entities.

RESOURCES: – (Website section regarding their hand sanitizer along with other alcohol options they produce) – Five Wives Vodka Podcast


2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 038: Five Wives Vodka”

  1. Great Episode, it’s fascinating as a Mormon how out of touch I’m at with the alcohol world. Seems like decent first hand knowledge everyone should know about and yet I’m so oblivious when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Thank you for helping me awaken, not that I plan to start drinking anytime soon…

  2. Mekael and Bill…I always enjoy your podcasts. I wanted to share a thought about language. Sprinkled throughout the podcast, you felt it was necessary to use swear words. I am fine with such language, but in your case it came across as forced, contrived and out of character. Do you really feel it adds to the value of the message? Miss your podcasts. All the best.

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