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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 53: Portal of Fear

Wile E. Coyote makes an appearance and the Portal of Fear takes us to new places.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 53: Portal of Fear”

  1. For a moment I thought you were going to run with something like “Just like the coyote… as soon as we loose our testimony, we loose the ability to levitate and run across the air and literally fly”.

    I always found it curious as a kid, rooting for the underdog hoping the coyote would get its meal, how the coyote wouldn’t immediately sink by gravity.

    The anticipation is worse than the actual event. Sometimes its would seem that there are moments were it would be better to not awaken to the facts so one can keep flying.

    However, the ideal state is to both be aware and keep or have the ability to fly on… and this is what I am shooting for.

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