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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 54: Work Out Your Kharma

Jack receives a clever email. His own kharma is discussed.


1 thought on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 54: Work Out Your Kharma”

  1. I find myself oddly envious that I rarely or never get mentioned for having commenting on left a commend on a podcast episode. I suppose my comments aren’t just that good, or perhaps the podcast host just wishes to respect my privacy which is also cool.

    Regardless, I find it very hard to awaken others to the realization that God is love, asking for that to happen in others doesn’t necessarily translate in to me actually receiving. I suppose one wants this to happen most with ones own children. I half listened to this episode wondering about Karma and the path of life it intends to provides us… if the path is set why attempt tampering with it at all? Seems counter-intuitive that one can’t alter our fate even if we try to do so by altering our destiny through choices and actions… I suppose sooner or later we will all be heading downstream regardless.

    Live and let live… next time I’ll work on just leaving a one word comment. =)

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