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Radio Free Mormon: 138: General Conference McNuggets Part 7

RFM dives into the Sunday morning session of October General Conference, 2019, and spends some time detailing the LDS Church’s love-hate relationship with Native Americans.


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 138: General Conference McNuggets Part 7”

  1. RFM,

    I don’t like correcting you, but regarding Elder Uchtdorf’s talk a thing to note that not a single scripture reference was used, instead Tolkien was exclusively quoted… and the message was the he was like Gandalf telling Bilbo to get out of his comfort zone and to go out on an adventure to bring back more people into the shire (church). He is talking about missionary work. So in essence we should all leave on missions to bring more people to the shire. Now that’s an adventure.

    I guess we may need to subscribe to Patreon to access the deleted content of RFM.

    1. Interesting observation about Elder Uchtdorf not citing any scripture in his talk on “The Hobbit.”

      I am not certain he was saying to leave the Shire to do missionary work but admit his talk was not really specific and is open to more than one interpretation.

      Thanks for listening!


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