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Radio Free Mormon: 139: General Conference McNuggets Part 8

Joyous cries are heard throughout the land as RFM releases the final podcast in his mammoth eight-part series examining October General Conference from 2019!  This is definitely one for the record books!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 139: General Conference McNuggets Part 8”

  1. Thanks to RFM for some seriously entertaining podcasting over the years. My husband and I were traveling across country a week ago (driving home after more than a month visiting family in VA) and your conference review was awesome and hysterical and a tension reliever as we spent so many hours in the car, only leaving it for bathroom stops and hotel nights were I sprayed Lysol on everything.

    Two observations: In the last episode as you comment on Gong’s talk and review who the BoM is written for, something we all know, but forget as it’s mostly used to teach us, the white Anglo-types. But your analysis made me wonder if the fact that it was written to the Lamanites was not the reason Smith never really quoted from it in his talks. He sent missionaries to Missouri to preach to them, presumably from the BoM. Did he truly believe it was written for them, not for himself or “white” people,
    2) in one of the earliest recent episodes referring to the disaster of families gathering at the SLC airport you stated the church wasn’t prepared for that, That is incorrect. The tweet from the KUTV reporter that eve that showed the families there in great numbers holding the usual signs, was accompanied by another tweet showing the directives every family of a returning missionary had been sent by their SP earlier that day or Sunday. Some parents respected the rules that only one individual drive to the short term parking lot, and that they stay in their car and let the missionary come to them, and were rightfully upset that many did not. The statement by the church two days later was only a public reiteration of what missionary families had been told. A friend picked up her son from Mozambique the next day and she has received the instructions Monday before the Philippines missionaries returned an masse. The church has been behind on every front in this crisis but here they actually planned for it—albeit poorly because they should have sent some church “enforcers” to make sure those directives were adhered to.

    Great analysis of some of the finer points in Oaks and Nelson’s talks.
    Oh, also of sis Arbuto’s.
    I made a great discovery while listening to all 8 episodes. I actually did not watch/listen to any of conference live. Those stories were entirely new to me! I did listen to Oaks post conference because it created such a negative buzz.
    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Martine!

      I am glad my podcasts have been of some use to you and your husband!

      And thank you for pointing out where I was in error about the church not planning for returning missionaries and advising families to not greet them en masse at the airport. I try to be fair to all parties in my reporting, but in this instance I obviously got it wrong. I appreciate the correction!

      Thanks for listening!


  2. RFM, you are proving to be more prophetic than our current prophet, seers, and revelators.

    You basically nailed the fact that they would issue a proclamation, which basically entrenches us further in the literal narrative.

    Are they doing this intentionally? They know it’s not true do they not, but are playing it up so we can still believe in it?

    How does that work exactly? I think if I were still TBM this would drive me nuts, you are all wrong Rusty is the only one that is right. I’m not so sure how long that can still work.

    Granted there are still a whole bunch of TBM’s out there for whom this narrative works very well. I don’t know where I sit with my faith right now. I like believing in Santa Claus but I know it’s not real is where I’m currently at.

    I suppose the role of the leaders is to keep the dream alive for everyone and let’s not ruin other peoples faith journey while we are at it right?

    The narrative that I would like to introduce to the church seems to be going in the opposite direction of where I would like to take it.

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