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Radio Free Mormon: 142: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 2

After a two-year legal battle with the BYU Police Department, Radio Free Mormon has finally succeeded in obtaining copies of audio recordings related to their investigation of former MTC President Joseph Bishop for allegedly raping a sister missionary in 1984.  These recordings will be released in three parts.  In Part 2, we release the recording of the interview conducted by BYU Police Department of Joseph Bishop at his home in Arizona in early December, 2017.


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 142: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 2”

  1. Joe does sound a little bit too conveniently senile. Suppose the truth is somewhere along the middle of those two stories.

    Probably not as scandalous a McKeena makes it sound, but still very inappropriate for someone like Joe Bishop.

    Moral of the story, wives give more love to your husbands??

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