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Radio Free Mormon: 143: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 3

After a two-year legal battle with the BYU Police Department, Radio Free Mormon has finally succeeded in obtaining copies of audio recordings related to their investigation of former MTC President Joseph Bishop for allegedly raping a sister missionary in 1984.  These recordings will be released in three parts.  In Part 3, we release three separate recordings of conversations conducted after the BYUPD interview with Joseph Bishop: (1) A phone call between BYUPD and McKenna Denson asking follow up questions; (2) A phone message from McKenna Denson to BYUPD thanking them for their courtesy and professionalism; and, (3) a phone call to BYUPD in which Joseph Bishop supplies more information in addition to what he disclosed during the interview.


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 143: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 3”

  1. On social media there seems to be tirade on Joe Bishop. I think everyone needs a fair shake on this whole situation. Was their improper conduct, most likely… should people be going to jail over this? I’m not so sure.

    It seems that we are all a very angry unforgiving bunch. We need to be careful casting judgement over accusations. Least this whole thing becomes a shit show.

    If we are somehow able to get to the bottom of the truth behind this, what would be the proper sentencing? Seems like McKeena Denson has exaggerated some of the facts, having said that was there improper conduct from an MTC president… yes there was. Although he was probably seeking consensual immorality rather than non-consensual immorality to put it in church terms.

  2. Regardless of Denson’s lifestyle, fraud or lack of fraud in this case, it seems to have had some impact on the church and at least a little impact on their male/female policies and getting women more involved. Not enough yet. We will see though.

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