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Radio Free Mormon: 144: There Will Come Soft Rains

And now for something completely different!  RFM shows us how he uses great literature to deal with the current Corona Virus crisis!  Be sure and leave a comment as to whether you like this podcast and would like to see more along this line.


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 144: There Will Come Soft Rains”

  1. I’m interested in hearing more of the wisdom that you find in literature from your perspective and how that contrasts with LDS doctrines.

    If it is ever too much I will let you know. It is best to keep a Mormon theme or bent with anything that is mentioned.

  2. First, I think licking the virus is exactly how you contract it. 😉

    Second, just listened to this (I’m behind). Loved it. I enjoy classic literature and try to expose myself to as many different things as I possible. I’m all for hearing about the pieces that you enjoy, whether they connect to Mormonism or not. Thanks!

  3. I vote for the meteor, asteroid, comet demise of humanity, and other species, again, recurrent oddly enough. Check out Randal Carlson on the end of ice age extinction and flood on that (13,000 years ago, last bad one). All the other scary demise stuff is ramblings of political-corporate fear cults vying for trembling and obedience to them and their dogma. Not much different than the LDS or worse cults, just bigger.

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