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Radio Free Mormon: 149: Overcoming Gravitational Fields

RFM shows how clinging to religious convictions in spite of the evidence can tether us to places where we cannot grow or learn.  Only by cutting the ties that bind us down can we overcome the gravitational forces in our lives and explore new and amazing vistas.  To infinity!  And beyond!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 149: Overcoming Gravitational Fields”

  1. An explanation that we provided was that Jesus was spreading the same message everywhere he went. His Sermon on the mount was something he preached more than once to many people. It was sort of like our discussions when we visited with people interested in the church. We have the same materials that we would use over and over again.

    Fancy solution, right?

  2. Oh, yes, of course! THAT explanation!

    I used that one on a number of occasions, as well.

    The part I didn’t like to think about is why it should be rendered in the KJV English in the BOM. I mean, a paraphrase might be one thing. But direct lifting? Tougher to deal with for me.

    And then I started getting into Bible studies and finding out that the Sermon on the Mount is an ad hoc collection of disparate sayings of Jesus that were thrown together into one sermon by a later author.

    In other words, pretty much all Bible scholars agree that Jesus never gave the Sermon on the Mount!

    So how is Jesus repeating the Sermon on the Mount to the Nephites when he never gave the Sermon on the Mount in the first place?

    Enquiring minds want to know! ;^)


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