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Radio Free Mormon: 154: The Restoration Proclamation

RFM does a deep dive into the new proclamation unveiled at the most recent general conference.  A comparison with the similar proclamation in 1980 yields surprising results!


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 154: The Restoration Proclamation”

  1. I think it’s time for SGN.
    It gets a bit depressing to hear how the church wasn’t as true as we hoped for all the time.

    I guess its a exciting discovery at first, but afterwards you still kind of hope it was still true even if it isn’t.

    As I try to renegotiate my faith and give it symbolic meaning instead of literal meaning, I still try to give value to the words Christ, Prophets, & Apostles. I still hope that their is an essence of divinity that comes from humanity in general… and therefore the construct of the TCOJCOLDS has some divinity in it that is common to us all. Why not appreciate that cultural beauty with all its flaws and falsehoods.

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