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Radio Free Mormon: 157: Bad Apologetics

RFM gives a workshop in identifying and dismantling bad apologetics, using the Adam-God Theory as a classic example!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 157: Bad Apologetics”

  1. This reminds me of when I was recently baptized and a ton of anti mormon literature was sent my way. Among them was the notion that heavenly father raised up Mary into the heavens and had physical intercourse with her to conceive Jesus in the flesh… I guess that must have been father Adam.

    When I challenged the missionaries about it, one of them retorted saying “So what if it was… wouldn’t it make more sense if it were that way?”

    So I had to grapple with a new concept and then thought, huh?

    I think so too with this Adam-God notion, it’s all nice (perhaps not so healthy) speculation. I love the way we use to play with theology like that. We should restore that back into the correlated Sunday School material. That would keep church interesting, but sadly perhaps alienate most of the members. I guess most members just like same ol’ same old.

    1. It was my very first home teacher who introduced me to this concept about God and Mary making the beast with two backs! Totally blew my mind!

      But he assured me it was true and who was I to question? He probably also said something like it makes more sense, doesn’t it?

      Mormons have a tradition of believing in a God of miracles on the one hand, but on the other hand, believing in a God who does everything pretty much the same way we do it.

      Thanks for listening!


  2. Excellent. This is basic very valuable info and a measuring standard for any truth vs pretentious lies to save us all. Con-tradictions… plus commanding them. Religions do nothing but contradict, command and change, evolve, evolve, evolve, thus so many religions and sects of each.

    Ethics also do nothing but evolve (back and forth), outside of religion too. All of this applies inside and outside of religions (“Obey, don’t question, the debate is over, only We can Save you!….”). Red flags, so often ignored?

    Religious ethics typically lagged far behind non-religious ethics, but that has changed and both contradict themselves still and I suppose always will, as hucksters have always and will always seek and worm their way into positions of command within each, declaring their power, authority, credentials to save you.

    Still more of endless red flags we can easily ignore when we intensely support any sort of dogma, religious or non. We want to share and save our friends and family too. The infections spread.

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