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Radio Free Mormon: 158: Adam-God Finale

RFM concludes his discussion of the Adam-God Theory.  Though officially denounced by the church, the AGT has tentacles that still impact the doctrine and practice of modern Mormonism!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 158: Adam-God Finale”

  1. I like the eternal regression of infinite God’s theology, and I look forward to having not only my own planet but being the God of my own universe.

  2. Hi, and thanks for your Adam-God podcasts. I hope that this is NOT the last one 🙂
    I have understood that (in this doctrine) Jehovah is god/father of Adam and Elohim is the “grandfather” or the Head of the great council of Gods. I think that this is how the actual believers of this doctrine also believe, at least in this “Gospel tangents” interview David Patrick and Benjamin Shaffer confirm this idea:

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