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Stories For Mormons: 019: Viruses, Gloves and Deconstructing Beliefs

This episode is different than others. It is my own public service announcement for proper use of gloves in the community. I try to explain how using gloves can actually spread disease rather than protect us from it. I also look at how deconstructing certain beliefs can be a protection of sorts on its own. I want to apologize for the poor editing with many “um’s,” and long pauses. I am more accustomed to writing out the episode rather than speaking off the cuff. I didn’t edit out everything and so I appreciate your patience in getting through this episode. I hope it is useful.


1 thought on “Stories For Mormons: 019: Viruses, Gloves and Deconstructing Beliefs”

  1. With regards to using gloves, many of us our conscious of the effect you have described. However, Once coming home, in our case groceries are set a side and go through decontamination process.

    My wife will remove all my items (wallet, cellphone, keys, etc.) and decontaminate these as well using bleach diluted solution, and I remove all my clothing (shoes are removed prior to entering the house hold – switching to a pair of crocks at the entrance), and then I head straight to the shower (perhaps washing my hands first).

    I practically feel like I’m following the steps of a surgeon, or perhaps even more thorough that they would be, by the time I step in to the bathroom to have a shower and decontaminate myself completely. All my clothes go in to a garbage bag where they sit outside for days before being brought in for washing.

    It’s been three weeks since we last went shopping. I estimate that we have food for another 1-2 weeks before having to go out again, and we will probably repeat this over the top process. I don’t do so much for myself, but for the peace of mind of everyone else. It’s fun to play doctor/surgeon.

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