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Almost Awakened: 039: Janet Bennion – Polyamory

Bill sits down with Janet Bennion, Professor of Anthropology at Lyndon State College. Prof. Bennion specializes in gender dynamics in Mormon fundamentalist communities which practice polygamy and slo in polyamory more generally. Bennion is one of the world’s leading ethnographers of North American plural marriage. She has raised the question of decriminalization of plural marriage in a variety of radio and television forums and several international scholar venues at Brandeis University and the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Today we discuss polygamy, its pros and cons and whether polygamy should be criminal. We talk about what happens when people have a choice in the type of relationships they enter. and what benefits come from giving people options besides monogamy.



1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 039: Janet Bennion – Polyamory”

  1. Mind opening for sure. Interestingly enough you have a lot people (not just LDS folks) criticizing the decriminalization of Polygamy in Utah.

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