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Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)

In this first of three episodes on the Word of Wisdom, Allan and Kattie are joined by Bret & Rachel Cooper, Ryan & Jessica Magnusson, and Astrid & Aaron Holland.  We explore how each of these four couples have handled the Word of Wisdom in their mixed faith marriage.

Part 2 will be an in depth look into how Allan and Kattie’s experience with the Word of Wisdom

Part 3 Allan and Kattie will be joined by therapist James to round out our discussion from a clinical perspective.


The second Workshop on a Tightrope is now open for pre-registration!  Go to and search for Workshop on a Tightrope to hold your spot for our July/August workshop with Natasha Helfer Parker.


2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)”

  1. The marriage course sounds like it is very much worth so long as both parties are interested… which can be a hard sell for the more Active Believing Spouse (ABM). While some people and maybe most people do change, others seems like they don’t have any intentions of doing so any time soon.

    WoW is not an issue for me. Never was and it probably never will be, I’m just not interested in joining the drinking club or anything else in WoW for that matter.

  2. Thank you everyone. This was thought provoking to try to consider someone else’s point of view. I heard kindness and charity in there. I listened because of the last RFM episode. Lots to think about. I am trying to follow section 89 more closely. My wife and I are drinking lots of vegetable juice lately. Three months ago she couldn’t walk five minutes without being exhausted due to lung and heart problems. One day last week she walked 45 minutes and felt pretty good.

    And I do believe hidden treasures of knowledge are a possibility as a result of careful efforts to live the WOW. I respect everyone’s comments. I noticed that no one has taken up smoking. Best wishes.

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