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Marriage on a Tightrope: 074: Word of Wisdom (Part 2)

Allan and Kattie talk in detail about their experience with the Word of Wisdom.  They cover their experience, share lessons learned, and discuss some of the tools that couples can use to negotiate the Word of Wisdom.

Many of the tools shared come from our “Workshop on a Tightrope”, a 6-week online course taught by Natasha Helfer Parker, Allan and Kattie.  Pre-registration for the course is open now until June 11th at

Those that register before June 11th receive $30 off the course, and will receive the additional Sex and Intimacy Masterclass at no additional charge.


4 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 074: Word of Wisdom (Part 2)”

  1. Love it. Loved the part about Kattie’s reaction at the family drinking get-together. The ironic thing, the best thing about alcohol, it helps ease these high stressful anxious situations. If she would have just joined in the drinking she would have relaxed and would been able to communicate all her worries to the others. She would have learned, like with most things, there is good and bad, rationally dealing
    With the issue/situation/etc is the key. Like they say, moderation is the key. She would have learned that there is a reason people do drugs–obviously they’re is a positive to it. There
    Can be a negative. It’s all about education and realizing when you’re ignorant about a topic, and then taking
    The time to
    Educate yourself so you can understand the good and the bad so you can make informed decisions.

  2. Wow, you have become an inspiration and example of achieving things I wish I could accomplish in my marriage. I wonder if I can ever get to the place you guys are already at. I fear there is too much of an impasse to overcome disagreement barriers… our negotiations tend to settle at let’s agree to disagree; which inevitably leads to keeping the status quo with little room for growth and change.

    I almost felt like I went through all six weeks of the course without having done so yet. Maybe, just maybe I’ll sing up… hopefully my wife will want to join.

    1. One conversation at a time David =) The course seems like it would be helpful if she’s willing to participate. A few couples participate passively, without sharing their names, voice, or video.

      We have a few half scholarships available thanks to a kind donor, so let us know if the cost would be a barrier for you.

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