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Radio Free Mormon: 161: Magic and the Book of Mormon

RFM brings to bear his training as a magician on the translation process of the Book of Mormon.  Suddenly, lots of pieces start falling into place!  Was this just a magic trick?  And has Joseph Smith been fooling people all along even down to the present day?  This one is a must-listen!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 161: Magic and the Book of Mormon”

  1. RFM, you are gifted with the ability to unmask Mormon-honored “mysteries” with logic, experience, thoughtful research, and a bit of chutzpah (that comes with a maniacal laugh). I thank you for your efforts here. Listening to this podcast, I am reminded how Joseph Smith used a bit of magic and directed influence while chasing buried treasure in the ground -also documented by witnesses. In fact, he became quite skilled at performing simple tasks which were viewed by others as magical. It is not a stretch to consider Smith using the same practice with his white hat.
    Thank you, again. Keep up the good work!

    1. You are absolutely right, Nan!

      On some prior RFM podcast or other, I touched on the idea that a person such as Joseph Smith has to have a very specific skill set to get people to continue to believe he can find buried treasure in spite of his continued failure to . . . find buried treasure.

      It is remarkable, really, and not something most people would be able to do.

      In some ways, his production of the Book of Mormon was easier than treasure digging, because here he was actually producing something.

      He may not have been producing the gold treasure represented by the plates, but he is producing words written by a scribe that become a book that will form the basis of a new American religious tradition.

      The book becomes the proof that the gold plates were real and that his translation methods were legitimate.

      In sum, the book become Joseph Smith’s bona fides that he is a seer, and subsequently a prophet.

  2. Why is it so easy to be tricked and also so easy to see the trick once explained? Of course this makes sense. These are not the droids you are looking for. Gold plates, seer stones, spectacles, God… all a distraction for the simple truth.

    1. I just quoted you in today’s part 2 podcast, John.

      I hope I do an adequate job of addressing your question there.

      Thanks for listening!


  3. Boom!!
    The most convincing way of having translated the book of Mormon I have ever heard. Dare I say it? I think the Holy Ghost whispered the truthfulness of this explanation.

    Cheers RFM? This is definitely Sunstone material or better.

    1. Thanks, David!

      We will see if there is an empty space Lindsay needs to fill with somebody who didn’t apply by the March deadline!



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