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Radio Free Mormon: 163: Magic and the Book of Mormon Part 2

RFM digs deeper into how magic theory can illuminate our understanding of  how it is Joseph Smith was able to perform the magical feat of translating The Book of Mormon out of a hat!


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 163: Magic and the Book of Mormon Part 2”

  1. Nice way of dismantling counter arguments, I would not want to face you in court. Ay ya yay ya yay.

    Anywyas, it would nice to figure out who were Joseph’s confederates. I wonder if there is a way of figuring this out. It’s possible that the confederates were the ones who figured Joseph out, but that afterwards Joseph may have let them be on the inside circle of what was really going on. After all, it took a while for Hyrum to be in the know of Polygamy.

    In a way, us internet Mormon’s sort of become Joseph confederates or co-conspirators when we choose to remain active nuanced members of the church. I’m not quite sure if that’s the same thing, because it’s not like the secret was officially revealed to us from someone who is actually on inside side of things from a real leadership position.

    I can assure you one thing. That Area Authorities beyond the 2nd quorum are not part of the inside story (like Han Mattison or my father in law for that matter), but now I kind of feel as it were part of the in circle thanks to you and Bill for a while now.

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