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Radio Free Mormon: 164: Little Trouble in Big China

Why did the Chinese government shanghai President Nelson’s announcement of a new temple on the mainland?  RFM does some sleuthing to find out!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 164: Little Trouble in Big China”

  1. Well, let’s hope the nonsense stops there. I guess when I heard the announcement was I’ll believe it when I see it. So I wasn’t too shocked to hear about China pushing back on President Nelson’s plans. On the flip side, perhaps making the announcements allowed for the discussions to actually begin.

    At any rate, I feel like I’m licking this corona virus thanks to you RFM.

  2. Haven’t finished listening to the podcast yet. But I was listening to the portion about China’s pushback against a LDS temple, when I heard the words “renounce” (as in: children of any parents in a gay marriage must ‘sign papers ‘renouncing’ their parents’ lifestyle) and, gosh! It sounds a lot like karma to me. Whatever you send out is what you get back. haha!

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